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Garden Villa signed with ABC Zone, Taizhou cooperation framework agreement for customer service
Published: 2014/7/30 11:03:23

May 16 afternoon, the signing ceremony Zone, Taizhou Garden Hills and ABC's of customer service cooperation framework agreement as scheduled. 
ABC Mou president, governor Li, Zhang President and Director of the Office and other peer staff, Executive General Manager responsible Garden Villa Zhang, assistant general manager Wang Qianhong and relevant departments attended the meeting. 
At the meeting, President Mu cooperation between the two sides for the first time expressed his best wishes, expressed first cooperation between the two sides is full of expectations and confidence; Executive General Manager Zhang proposed hotel reached through cooperation, mutual benefit and mutual assistance, cooperation and sharing, will be able to achieve win-win results. 
Finally, the two sides signed the agreement on behalf of the stage and posed for pictures. 
With the signing of the agreement, Garden Villa and Taizhou zone reached a number of cooperation intentions ABC: ABC set up ATM machine in the garden villa offers withdrawals, transfers, payment, financial services for hotel customers; cash, Renminbi and international settlement , account management and other settlement services company; in the case of bank credit policies and comply with the relevant conditions of garden Hills, ABC priority in the hierarchy above the garden hotel management and hotel suppliers to provide credit support, including card installment of integrated credit and other business and personal services; financial planning to carry out in the garden Villa lectures economic and financial policies, business and personal financial services, etc.; promotion of new financial products, cash management systems, online banking, e-banking, bank cards, collection and payment, insurance agents and other financial services ; the same time, Taizhou garden Hotel Zone ABC will only designated as the host hotel, actively cooperate with the garden inside the customer base in the ABC publicity, marketing products related to hotel services. 
"Show results of the activities, to enhance mutual understanding, strengthen mutual cooperation" is a concentrated expression of this cooperation, to achieve cooperation projects make garden Villa to increase passenger service projects to strengthen human services; ABC ABC agreed to promote cooperation in the promotion of business and dissemination, to win. Signed a cooperation agreement the two sides also bank achieve fast, effective and sustainable development of important initiatives to build a new relationship between banks become, promoting a new starting point for the region's fast economic development, new impetus.

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