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Shanghai new brand hotel in my mind, "Golden Ideas" Contest activities successfully held
Published: 2014/7/30 11:02:57

For the "Chinese characteristics high-star hotel chain leader" moving target, the Group is currently the Shanghai Hongqiao area to build a brand new hotel, and was broke ground in August 2013, and now is in the construction phase. 
Second and third tier cities from China to first-tier cities, far Chau brand new hotel will be a "strategic high ground", highlighting the value of a comprehensive vision of distant continents, as far Chau personnel training to provide a new starting point; rely on regional resources borrowed from the King to participate in international competition landscaping, new brand hotel will answer: What is far Chau as China's largest local hotel features? From the hotel's traditional business model to the new model of Internet thinking under the new brand hotel will serve as a model far Chau force before the market with confidence, even more importantly, far Chau brand new hotel will be far Africans gather intelligence , emotion, vision epitomize work is far from Africans collective wisdom. 
To this end, May 20, far continents within the scope of the whole group launched the "Shanghai brand new hotel in my mind, 'golden idea' Contest," all of my colleagues in the continent by far the contest, to discuss the future of Far Island depicting Shanghai blueprint brand hotel, with the help of collective wisdom far Chau future new brand hotel. 
Shanghai new brand hotel in my mind, "Golden Ideas" Contest consists of two parts, namely "hotel name suggestions" and "Golden Ideas recommendations." Hotel name suggestions for collecting far Chau Hotel Shanghai New brand name in English; gold idea suggestions for collecting hotel on customer service, operations management, spatial layout, new technology applications, employee care, marketing and other aspects of good ideas and suggestions, and Competition from mid-May to start planning, through office platform, mail, micro letters, text messages, video, multi-channel publicity boards and other publicity for the contest. 
May 30, Shanghai brand new hotel in my mind, "Golden Ideas" Contest deadline collection activities for a period of 10 days of activities were collected to the proposal from the Group of hotels, real estate, petrochemical industry, more than a dozen molecules of three companies More than 140 pieces, to "call attention to Shanghai hotel construction staff team work" purposes. 
Call summary of the "golden ideas" were organized on June 6 Group executives initial evaluation, followed by the selection results will be compiled for discussion at the meeting, president of the office, the final assessment of first, second and third prize a total of five and a number Finalist. Selection results will be public recognition in mid-June, and the issuance of a certificate of honor and reward. 
Successful "Golden Ideas" collection activities will be held, is to use the collective wisdom of the advice for the future far Chau important manifestation, full ownership of Africans far, far away in all continents colleagues concerned the future development of the joint efforts, far Chau Shanghai brand new hotel will surely flourish.

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