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Far Island Hotels (Group) May overall business performance record level over the same period
Published: 2014/7/30 11:02:35

Yet more than half in 2014, far Continents Hotels (Group) came the news of! May, faced with competition in the industry enormous pressure, far Chau contrarian flying, the hotel's overall business performance record level earlier. Among them, the revenues completion rate, GOP, net score, such as multi-dimensional data have achieved impressive record, the hotel overall wisdom score of 90.6 points, including Linhai International Hotel's net score for the highest score in Taizhou area network star hotel; 

Initial results far Continents Hotels (Group) achieved, thanks to the group early in the development of the correctness of the hotel industry development strategy, as well as hotel management and employees work together, through model innovation, resource integration, full marketing, build membership system, grafting Internet resources, etc., not only internal staff morale, improve the customer experience, but the key is to make the hotel the whole operating system more healthy, more dynamic. 

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