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Far Chau help local food culture heritage - far Chau • villa "Taizhou tongue" First Taizhou cuisine festival ended successfully
Published: 2014/7/25 11:09:40

July 8, organized by the Restaurant Association of Taizhou, far Chau · villa exclusive title, far Chau Li Ting Taizhou Phoenix Villa host of "Taizhou tongue" First Taizhou specialties Festival in Phoenix Villa successfully concluded. 

The food festival at the county (city, district) for a total of nine units booths will Taizhou most unique and popular nearly 100 kinds of dishes brought to Phoenix Villa. The three-day gourmet feast for the majority of the public to provide a full range of Taizhou enjoy the opportunity to experience up close cuisine Taizhou, Taizhou city opened a new chapter in cultural heritage cuisine. 

Miss Li from the bridge, said: "This food festival, not only let me eat your whole day Taizhou, let me be more on the food culture of Taizhou deeper understanding." Organizing purpose of this food festival is also here, it is not just a taste of home gourmet feast, it is 一扇 external communication window Taizhou culinary culture. 

Far Chau · villa in charge, said: "The classic dishes memorable, worthy of our heritage and nostalgia, we are very happy that this event can achieve such good propaganda effect Taizhou city food culture there is always the classic heritage and aftertaste. value, as we tried to create a pure villa - Smile like · villa, has handed down a very high value. 

"Improving the quality of life and create social value" as far Island Group's mission, has been leading the former corporate line. · Villa is far Chau Island Group key projects far this year presented in real estate investment sector, through the "holiday home is" a unique product concept and the "Far Island neighborhood," "Five Star Community", "Yue Ting will be" three building service system, and strive to create a worthy collection of classic. The full support of the first sector Taizhou cuisine festival, reflecting the distant continents for Taizhou tribute to classic food culture, and hope that through this event, honest communication with the public, expressing far continents committed to create a better life for the people's health sincerity.

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