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Chaohu S&N Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. is a far away Island Island Group "going out" strategy to advance to the Midwest of the bridgehead. Founded in 2001, with two qualified real estate development company, has won the "2A Grade Credit Enterprise", "A class tax credit grade unit", "Investment advanced units" honorary title. Development and construction of its new capital city of the century gardens, the new capital people, Metropolis Monte and other real estate, was named "outstanding real estate in Anhui Province", "housing demonstration project."

In recent years, the development process, Chaohu Smile always adhere to the brand-oriented development path, and actively participate in Chaohu City, urban development and construction, and ordinary residential housing as a business and create a culture, and strive to enhance its cultural content and quality to meticulous action, interpretation of "good house, well-made Island," "Smile a good property," the century of movement.

【Century Plaza Century City Garden】

Century Plaza Century City Garden is located in Chaohu Economic and Technological Development Zone, a new urban downtown area, four main roads: Century Avenue, healthy way, East toro, three middle surrounded with hold, surrounded by a very favorable geographic conditions. Project covers an area of 500 mu, building area of nearly 40 million square meters, four phases of development and construction. Chaohu city as one of ten key projects, she is the municipal government to accelerate the pace of building medium-sized cities, improve the urban construction and urban living standards of local important measure.

Century Plaza Century City Garden, within the community, fully furnished, have community centers clubs, nurseries, kindergartens, primary schools, community health centers, medical centers, supermarkets, farmers markets, specialty commercial pedestrian street, a large gathering plaza, badminton courts, tennis courts etc., is a residential, commercial, schools (primary area), entertainment and leisure in one of the major ecological and intelligent residential district, Chaohu City, twenty-first century is a new era with the characteristics of the most high-end urban living fashion district.

【Metropolis Monte】

Chaohu Lake Terrace project is far from new capital Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. Asia Century Plaza CenturyCity Garden project following the later effort to build aquality project. Project is located in the Economic and Technological Development Zone, a new urban center,south and across three centuries Road across Metropolis,toro east west, east lake big market, location, environment,good quality, commercial, cultural atmosphere rich.

The total area of 43,769 square meters Metropolis Monte, with a total construction area of 59,374 square meters, is the chief American lake gardens, from the United States and Southern California style design elements into the East, the formation of neo-classical Chinese and Western high-end residential . Metropolis Monte has 15,000 square meters of large theme gardens, greening rate of 40%, the volume rate of 1.36, low volume and high rates of green, so that the landscape everywhere, which reached a perfect blend with the architecture.

【New Town people】

Metropolis is far from Island real estate people in the lake after the development of new capital following century, another masterpiece, the project is located in Chaohu City, south of the new railway station, north of the Yangtze River Road, east of Century Avenue, with a total area of about 9800 square meters. Smile people to build new capital into real estate has a beautiful environment, residential, commercial, office in one of the upscale residential district, so that the new capital and the far continents century property gained further enhance brand awareness to further consolidate the real estate in the far continents Chao's leadership position and top real estate brands.

【 "Rose Garden" project 】

Project under the Administrative District, Chaohu City, Anhui Province, is located north of Lake Avenue, east of Huayang Road, with a total land area of about 190 acres. Preliminary planning for the luxury residential project with ancillary commercial paper, and strive to build a new generation of high-end residential products for the lake.

Smile is the most Chaohu local reputation of brand development, this project will become the new benchmark lake real estate market of the product, keep away Island real estate market leader. Therefore, both products of this project will be developed with much of the original Island real estate property to maintain a continuation of the inner, and there will be a new breakthrough.

Address: Anhui Province, Chaohu City Hall East toro century New Town Center

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S&N Real Estate entered this field in 1993, pursues the harmonious unification of human living environment and urban construction in the tenet of “Improve Life Quality, Create Beautiful Life”, and innovates in urban life living environment, adding a new light landscape arch for the urban construction. By the end of 2007, the company established “S&N Real Estate Management Co., Ltd.” and stepped on a new stage in professional management.

S&N adopts the composite development mode of hotel and real estate linage development in the development thought of “Hotel, House, Commerce, Property”, encircles three elements of “Quality, Price, Position”, and strives to make the products “Price to Value, Things Out of its Value”. Following the differentiation thought of professional road, the company roots in key second-tier city, expands to other cities, consolidates to leading position of regional real estate leader and strives to become the most famous real estate enterprise with social trust, respect and pride.

Over 15 years, S&N has grown the comprehensive industry integrating real estate investment, development, and property. Currently, the company has such subsidiaries as Chaohu S&N Real Estate Development, Jiujiang S&N Real Estate Co., Ltd., Baotou S&N Real Estate Co., Ltd., Dalian S&N Dongtao Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., Taizhou Xindu Real Estate Co., Ltd., Jiangxi S&N Linya Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., Chizhou S&N Real Estate Development, Chaohu S&N Property Management Co., Ltd., and other real estate and property management enterprises. S&N Real Estate is honored “China Top 500 Real Estate Enterprises” and “China Top 100 Houses”.


In September 2007, Smile Group waterfront land historically made up a single case of double-Spirit Lake Forest Road, the urban land development rights project, and with the clinical sub-group, special groups are formed together Taizhou Century Plaza Properties Limited (Far Island Holdings) development of the project. The project will inherit far Island real estate development and construction group for many years of experience to build Taizhou top real estate as the goal, to create a comfortable, friendly, noble ideals of urban living in the park for the dedication of the people of Taizhou a modern statue with excellent quality Di.

International and interdependent Lake Spirit Lake, a city of feng shui treasure, 3700 acres of ocean waves, 300 hectares of private gardens like Spirit Lake Scenic Area. Project will not only lake and mountains stretching east and west sides, angry infinite, to achieve a "benevolent Leshan, wise delight in the water," the noble living realm. Lake View International Palace of Versailles in France to learn French court as the representative of the art of landscape architecture and essence of the court, while integrating China Southern Gardens gardening techniques, learn from China for thousands of years deep garden images, the large-scale, imposing, layout, rigorous, and strong colors, style and luxurious palace artistically into the territory of modern life, and spirit Lake is consistent poetic landscape.
Lake View International, illuminated lake life!

Add: Southwest corner of Linhai Avenue and Shuang Lin Road, Linhai City, Zhejiang Province, China
Tel: (0576)8555 7888
Fax: (0576)85288187
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Real Estate Tung Tao Yuan in Dalian was established in October 2007, the municipal government responsible for the development and construction of 1,300 acres of land north of the old city reconstruction project, there have been a 700 acres of land development rights. Construction of this project is far from Northeast Asia real estate market beginning to expand, but also far from the national development strategy, Island real estate an important part. Hillside projects, which will become a residential, hotel, education, business, office and other functions into one integrated urban residential area, a small town living subject.

Wafangdian city block north of the project is a construction area of 1.3 million square meters of large-scale residential projects, project planning, land area of 879,900 square meters. The total building area of approximately 130 million square meters, more than 30,000 inhabitants, is the overall size of Wafangdian currently the largest real estate development projects. Area with an international bilingual kindergarten, nine-year schools, hotel-style single apartment, shopping malls, commercial walking street style, pan-mountain clubs and theme parks and other large central facilities of city life, living, leisure, learning, shopping, communication step, will be the life of a beautiful town.

Overall project planning tradition "overall open, closed groups," the layout principles, townhouses, multi-layer, high-rise, high-rise and other types of readily available, the level of patchwork, rich in visual form, the perfect city skyline.

Add: Dalian Wafangdian Century Boulevard
Tel: (0411)8557 6666
Fax: (0411)8557 6888Jiangxi Smile Pro Asia Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. was established in June 2010, the company registered capital of 100 million yuan, from the far Asian Seas Group and Zhejiang Pro joint venture real estate company (Smile Group Holdings).


Developed by the "far Yue Ting Chau • 9" project is far from the Yangtze River Delta region to the Pan African Group, the ascending order of march for the company from a strategic height foresight to start from the details, starting point and high standard of design, construction, to the Jiujiang City project playing the most unique, most grades, the most quality residential communities, heritage and development far continents in Jiujiang and national reputation and visibility for Jiujiang and the country's economic construction, development and improve people's living environment quality of life and contribute to a force. Project is located south of downtown Jiujiang City, east to Station Road, south of East Germany, West Center Street, South Avenue, north to Au, the land north of Jiangxi have just put into the largest car passenger hub in Northeast Jiujiang bus station, the land west of Jiangxi Province, the only one in the top three hospitals in Integrative Medicine Hospital of Jiujiang City, east of the land planned for the area over thousands of acres of large markets, there are kindergartens within the project planning, planning of the south primary and secondary schools. Overall project planning tradition "overall open, closed groups," the layout principles, townhouses, multi-layer, high-level and other types of readily available, planning based on the geographical conditions were to fully utilize the existing natural conditions and ecological environment, while retaining the original terrain landscape, based on the re-creation to be artificial; district planning is from north to south from low to high design, and to break the traditional single "soldiers column" design, but with a humane, scattered group design. With the continuous development of the city of Jiujiang, strong business climate surrounding the project, supporting mature life, the appreciation potential.

Nine Jiang Yuanzhou Island Group Properties Limited is afar consists of the shares in Jiujiang, Jiangxi cooperationLimited, operates a range of hotel management, real estate development and management, property management and shopping malls. Since its inception in December 2002, with "first-class speed, first-class quality, first-class management" as the goal, set a good localcorporate brand image, as far into the African Group,Jiangxi, and lay a solid foundation. The development and construction of nine Jiang Yuanzhou International Plazahas become a landmark of Jiujiang City, stands on the banks of the beautiful South Lake, a representative ofJiujiang city's image and foreign reception of the window.Jiangxi Lushan Smile & Natural Hot Spring Development Co., Ltd., a holding subsidiary of China Smile & Natural Group, is responsible for developing the hot spring resort project located in the Hot Spring Town, Xingzi County, Jiujiang, Jiangxi with a registered capital of 80 million yuan.The Lushan Project developed by the company now covers an area of 241.37 mu, of which 46.65mu is commercial land and 194.72mu is residential land. The total construction area reaches 93,000 m2: the construction area of Five-star Hot Spring Hotel is about 30,000 m2; and the construction area of the commercial residential buildings is 56,000 m2; the property design types include villa and terrace; other clubs and accessory occupancy is about 7,000 m2. The project started at the end of 2012 and the development period is about three years.
The project is located in Xingzi Hot Spring Tourist Resort Area, Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province, at the south foot of Mountain Lushan, north of the Huanshan Road, facing south and backed by Mountain Lushan. It is a specially approved hot-spring resort region Jiangxi focuses on creating. This region not only boasts the world-famous Lushan Mountain Scenic Area and beautiful natural scenery but also is rich in geothermal resources. Appraised by global experts, Lushan hot spring has had a history as long as 100 million years. The water mineral content is excellent and the water quality is no second to water of the well-known Pyrenees of Europe. To this end, Jiujiang Municipal Party Committee and Xingzi County People’s Government decided to introduce over 3.5 billion yuan within three years to create a world-famous five-star hot spring resort area. The hot spring area also enjoys extremely convenient transportation around as well as increasingly perfect supporting facilities. In the future, this region may become lack of resource in the future, so it enjoys huge investment appreciation potential.

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