Location 〉 Industry Jiangxi Smile Pro Asia Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.


Jiangxi Smile Pro Asia Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
Jiangxi Smile Pro Asia Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. was established in June 2010, the company registered capital of 100 million yuan, from the far Asian Seas Group and Zhejiang Pro joint venture real estate company (Smile Group Holdings).


Developed by the "far Yue Ting Chau • 9" project is far from the Yangtze River Delta region to the Pan African Group, the ascending order of march for the company from a strategic height foresight to start from the details, starting point and high standard of design, construction, to the Jiujiang City project playing the most unique, most grades, the most quality residential communities, heritage and development far continents in Jiujiang and national reputation and visibility for Jiujiang and the country's economic construction, development and improve people's living environment quality of life and contribute to a force. Project is located south of downtown Jiujiang City, east to Station Road, south of East Germany, West Center Street, South Avenue, north to Au, the land north of Jiangxi have just put into the largest car passenger hub in Northeast Jiujiang bus station, the land west of Jiangxi Province, the only one in the top three hospitals in Integrative Medicine Hospital of Jiujiang City, east of the land planned for the area over thousands of acres of large markets, there are kindergartens within the project planning, planning of the south primary and secondary schools. Overall project planning tradition "overall open, closed groups," the layout principles, townhouses, multi-layer, high-level and other types of readily available, planning based on the geographical conditions were to fully utilize the existing natural conditions and ecological environment, while retaining the original terrain landscape, based on the re-creation to be artificial; district planning is from north to south from low to high design, and to break the traditional single "soldiers column" design, but with a humane, scattered group design. With the continuous development of the city of Jiujiang, strong business climate surrounding the project, supporting mature life, the appreciation potential.

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