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Real Estate Tung Tao Yuan in Dalian was established in October 2007, the municipal government responsible for the development and construction of 1,300 acres of land north of the old city reconstruction project, there have been a 700 acres of land development rights. Construction of this project is far from Northeast Asia real estate market beginning to expand, but also far from the national development strategy, Island real estate an important part. Hillside projects, which will become a residential, hotel, education, business, office and other functions into one integrated urban residential area, a small town living subject.

Wafangdian city block north of the project is a construction area of 1.3 million square meters of large-scale residential projects, project planning, land area of 879,900 square meters. The total building area of approximately 130 million square meters, more than 30,000 inhabitants, is the overall size of Wafangdian currently the largest real estate development projects. Area with an international bilingual kindergarten, nine-year schools, hotel-style single apartment, shopping malls, commercial walking street style, pan-mountain clubs and theme parks and other large central facilities of city life, living, leisure, learning, shopping, communication step, will be the life of a beautiful town.

Overall project planning tradition "overall open, closed groups," the layout principles, townhouses, multi-layer, high-rise, high-rise and other types of readily available, the level of patchwork, rich in visual form, the perfect city skyline.

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