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In September 2007, Smile Group waterfront land historically made up a single case of double-Spirit Lake Forest Road, the urban land development rights project, and with the clinical sub-group, special groups are formed together Taizhou Century Plaza Properties Limited (Far Island Holdings) development of the project. The project will inherit far Island real estate development and construction group for many years of experience to build Taizhou top real estate as the goal, to create a comfortable, friendly, noble ideals of urban living in the park for the dedication of the people of Taizhou a modern statue with excellent quality Di.

International and interdependent Lake Spirit Lake, a city of feng shui treasure, 3700 acres of ocean waves, 300 hectares of private gardens like Spirit Lake Scenic Area. Project will not only lake and mountains stretching east and west sides, angry infinite, to achieve a "benevolent Leshan, wise delight in the water," the noble living realm. Lake View International Palace of Versailles in France to learn French court as the representative of the art of landscape architecture and essence of the court, while integrating China Southern Gardens gardening techniques, learn from China for thousands of years deep garden images, the large-scale, imposing, layout, rigorous, and strong colors, style and luxurious palace artistically into the territory of modern life, and spirit Lake is consistent poetic landscape.
Lake View International, illuminated lake life!

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