linhai S&N International Hotel
Surrounding landscape, were accompanied by King, Zhejiang Hotel features health topics - Niutoushan leisure club located in the beautiful meandering, scenic reservoir Niutoushan the foot of the window can see the moon, birds, sound could be heard out, walk a considerable mountain, enjoy a quiet rest, a true "upper hand", "Sheung Shui" of the land. Hall from the coastal urban area only 12 kilometers away from Huangyan airport 40 minutes drive, bus line 204 can also direct.
Whether you are on business trip or a trip to convalescent care, hospitality services far Island Road will be full care of your needs, give you an idyllic health experience, an enjoyable taste of life in a new personal experience.
Add: Linhai City, Zhejiang Province, China Niutoushan Niutoushan scenic leisure club Tel :0576 -85,630,688
Fax 576 -85621727
Code: 317000

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