Caohu Court Hotel
Chaohu Smile & Natural Haoting Hotel is an international five star hotel located by the southwestern side of Jinchaohu (under planning), Hefei, Anhui, adjacent to Jinhu Avenue on the west, planning Binhu Road on the northeast and planning urban green belt on the south. With total building area of over 50,000m2, the hotel integrates multifunction of catering, entertainment, conference and hotel. The features of design are partial main body of guest room department face to Jinchaohu with broken line, form surrounding situation, and have good view of major guest rooms, lobby bars, western-style restaurants, and Chinese restaurant boxes, integrating tennis courts, swimming pools, activity facilities and Jinchaohu Park.

Add:Lake Road Laoshan Road, Chaohu City, Anhui Province
Tel:0565-236 6666
Fax:0565-268 9009

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