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【Zhejiang S&N Chemical Materials Co., Ltd.】

Zhejiang S&N Chemical Materials Co., Ltd. is a trading enterprise established according to modern enterprise system, deals with chemical raw materials and is subordinate to China S&N Group. The company (originally known as Chemical Department of S&N Petrochemical Co., Ltd.) won the business qualification of acetic anhydride in 2002, takes the point of penetration of market, relies on large factories and enterprises and forms the business characteristics of acetic anhydride as leading goods. In 2003, according to the professional business strategy, the company established Zhejiang S&N Chemical Materials Co., Ltd. and began to deal with chemical products. In 2007, the company established the business development mode of acetic anhydride as axis and forward and afterward integration, dealt with methyl alcohol, acetic acid, and acetic ether and independently imports and exports refined chemical. Through years of steady development, till 2010, the company has sold methyl alcohol of 54,000 tons, acetic acid of 43,000 tons, acetic anhydride of 30,000 tons, and acetic ether of 20,000 tons, and achieved sales amount of nearly RMB 600 million. With the soaring development and the establishment of Taizhou national-level medical chemistry raw material bases, the group prepared to establish S&N petrochemical dock in Haimen Port, Taizhou, which provides a platform for further expanding business scope, improving chemical product position in marketing logistics link and product warehouse and transportation and further satisfying the high-speed growth of local chemical product demands. In Jun. 2006, the company cooperated with Ningbo Wanglong Technology Co., Ltd. and became the sole agent of the production line with an annual yield of 160,000 tons acetic anhydride of Ningbo Wanglong Technology Co., Ltd. Through market expansion, the sales occupation ratio of acetic anhydride is vital in China. Ningbo Wanglong Technology Co.,Ltd.  http://www.wanglong.com/


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