S&N Real Estate

S&N Real Estate entered this field in 1993, pursues the harmonious unification of human living environment and urban construction in the tenet of “Improve Life Quality, Create Beautiful Life”, and innovates in urban life living environment, adding a new light landscape arch for the urban construction. By the end of 2007, the company established “S&N Real Estate Management Co., Ltd.” and stepped on a new stage in professional management.

S&N adopts the composite development mode of hotel and real estate linage development in the development thought of “Hotel, House, Commerce, Property”, encircles three elements of “Quality, Price, Position”, and strives to make the products “Price to Value, Things Out of its Value”. Following the differentiation thought of professional road, the company roots in key second-tier city, expands to other cities, consolidates to leading position of regional real estate leader and strives to become the most famous real estate enterprise with social trust, respect and pride.

Over 15 years, S&N has grown the comprehensive industry integrating real estate investment, development, and property. Currently, the company has such subsidiaries as Chaohu S&N Real Estate Development, Jiujiang S&N Real Estate Co., Ltd., Baotou S&N Real Estate Co., Ltd., Dalian S&N Dongtao Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., Taizhou Xindu Real Estate Co., Ltd., Jiangxi S&N Linya Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., Chizhou S&N Real Estate Development, Chaohu S&N Property Management Co., Ltd., and other real estate and property management enterprises. S&N Real Estate is honored “China Top 500 Real Estate Enterprises” and “China Top 100 Houses”.


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