Chaohu S&N Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

Chaohu S&N Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. is a far away Island Island Group "going out" strategy to advance to the Midwest of the bridgehead. Founded in 2001, with two qualified real estate development company, has won the "2A Grade Credit Enterprise", "A class tax credit grade unit", "Investment advanced units" honorary title. Development and construction of its new capital city of the century gardens, the new capital people, Metropolis Monte and other real estate, was named "outstanding real estate in Anhui Province", "housing demonstration project."

In recent years, the development process, Chaohu Smile always adhere to the brand-oriented development path, and actively participate in Chaohu City, urban development and construction, and ordinary residential housing as a business and create a culture, and strive to enhance its cultural content and quality to meticulous action, interpretation of "good house, well-made Island," "Smile a good property," the century of movement.

【Century Plaza Century City Garden】

Century Plaza Century City Garden is located in Chaohu Economic and Technological Development Zone, a new urban downtown area, four main roads: Century Avenue, healthy way, East toro, three middle surrounded with hold, surrounded by a very favorable geographic conditions. Project covers an area of 500 mu, building area of nearly 40 million square meters, four phases of development and construction. Chaohu city as one of ten key projects, she is the municipal government to accelerate the pace of building medium-sized cities, improve the urban construction and urban living standards of local important measure.

Century Plaza Century City Garden, within the community, fully furnished, have community centers clubs, nurseries, kindergartens, primary schools, community health centers, medical centers, supermarkets, farmers markets, specialty commercial pedestrian street, a large gathering plaza, badminton courts, tennis courts etc., is a residential, commercial, schools (primary area), entertainment and leisure in one of the major ecological and intelligent residential district, Chaohu City, twenty-first century is a new era with the characteristics of the most high-end urban living fashion district.

【Metropolis Monte】

Chaohu Lake Terrace project is far from new capital Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. Asia Century Plaza CenturyCity Garden project following the later effort to build aquality project. Project is located in the Economic and Technological Development Zone, a new urban center,south and across three centuries Road across Metropolis,toro east west, east lake big market, location, environment,good quality, commercial, cultural atmosphere rich.

The total area of 43,769 square meters Metropolis Monte, with a total construction area of 59,374 square meters, is the chief American lake gardens, from the United States and Southern California style design elements into the East, the formation of neo-classical Chinese and Western high-end residential . Metropolis Monte has 15,000 square meters of large theme gardens, greening rate of 40%, the volume rate of 1.36, low volume and high rates of green, so that the landscape everywhere, which reached a perfect blend with the architecture.

【New Town people】

Metropolis is far from Island real estate people in the lake after the development of new capital following century, another masterpiece, the project is located in Chaohu City, south of the new railway station, north of the Yangtze River Road, east of Century Avenue, with a total area of about 9800 square meters. Smile people to build new capital into real estate has a beautiful environment, residential, commercial, office in one of the upscale residential district, so that the new capital and the far continents century property gained further enhance brand awareness to further consolidate the real estate in the far continents Chao's leadership position and top real estate brands.

【 "Rose Garden" project 】

Project under the Administrative District, Chaohu City, Anhui Province, is located north of Lake Avenue, east of Huayang Road, with a total land area of about 190 acres. Preliminary planning for the luxury residential project with ancillary commercial paper, and strive to build a new generation of high-end residential products for the lake.

Smile is the most Chaohu local reputation of brand development, this project will become the new benchmark lake real estate market of the product, keep away Island real estate market leader. Therefore, both products of this project will be developed with much of the original Island real estate property to maintain a continuation of the inner, and there will be a new breakthrough.

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